Seven Years Seven Ways:

Surviving Your Teen and Preteen Years

by Chad E. Bladow

Of the 36 million teens and preteens in the United States, many battle daily with cruel bullies, painful rejections, dangerously low self-esteem, and depression. These teens need a self-help book that is understandable and realistic-no psychobabble; no platitudes; no cutesy, oversimplified top-ten lists-just practical and understandable strategies for teen and preteen survival. Seven Years Seven Ways provides those strategies. Using personal experiences, "chicken soup" inspiration, humor, and thought-provoking questions, author Chad Bladow explains seven easy-to-understand strategies for teen and preteen survival.

Each chapter of Seven Years Seven Ways contains the following:

• Your Thoughts questions that challenge the reader to think about his or her own experiences in the context of the chapter.

• Group Discussion questions geared toward broader issues: relationships, how we treat other people, understanding our parents, and the effect of society's standards on the teen and preteen experience.

In addition to seven strategies for survival and thought-provoking questions, Seven Years Seven Ways includes the following:

• Listings of dozens of youth groups, organizations, and resources for both involvement and help.

• Examples of near-term and long-term goals for personal goal setting.

• Suggestions for actively applying the book's seven strategies to the reader's own life.

• Clear and specific steps for handling real-world issues such as dealing with anger, rejection, and crisis intervention.

Seven Years Seven Ways will give its readers hope for their future, a plan of action, and realistic, believable strategies to help them survive and thrive.

© 2013 Chad E. Bladow